If Time Permitted…

I have been wanting to learn how to use Microsoft Excel for some time now. I’m proficient with making and manipulating tables in Microsoft Word, which can do some of the same things as Excel, but there is definitely more functionality with Excel. Here’s my plan for learning Excel:

In 10 Minutes

  • Use the Help feature in Excel to gain understanding about the basics
  • Talk to a colleague in my office who uses Excel for some pointers
  • View some YouTube videos about Excel
  • View any number of sites available online. In keeping with my new-found knowledge of the filter bubble, I did a search of “Learn to use Microsoft Excel” in Google, Bing and Ask.com. Here are the different results:

In One Week

  • After talking to my colleague and viewing sites and videos, play around with Excel, clicking different panes, etc. to see what works (trial and error can be frustrating sometimes, though)
  • Purchase “Excel for Dummies” and use that to help me learn

In One Year

  • Take classes from Learn@IT. Here are some upcoming ones.

  • View video captures of past classes presented by Learn@IT
  • Take a full-length Excel class (Del Tech offers quite a few)

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