Something New and Fun

I’ve been thinking about the tool exploration project, using Jing to create a screencast and wanting to learn how to use it. Earlier this week, I was talking to a colleague and mentioned how Microsoft Word can help with formatting citations and references. She had never realized that function existed. So, I decided to try my hand at Jing and create a screencast on using Word’s referencing and citation capabilities:

I tried to embed the video into the post, but wasn’t successful, so just click on the link.

In the video, I mentioned that you may need to tweak or adjust either the in-text citations or full references a bit.  A helpful website I’ve used for many years is from Bedford/St. Martin’s Press. It has information on citing using MLA, APA, CSE and Chicago style, with easy to access pull-down menus. Here’s a second screencast:

Good luck with citing and referencing!


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  1. Wow~ I finally found out how to use the citation tool in word! Great tutorial. Great delivery too.

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