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Updating My Brand Image

Most of the changes I made this week ended up being minor. I say “ended up” because I toyed with a lot of different changes, both in content and visually, but finally kept the basics I had and just make tweaks.


I kept the same theme I’ve had since the beginning, despite trying out quite a few. I like the layout of the current theme, with the blog on the right, links and archives on the left. I also really wanted to use a theme that allowed for a banner photo. I did change the photo, and actually included a variety that now rotate each time the page is refreshed. (The photos are one I took during a vacation last summer in Vermont.)

I worried somewhat about the readability of the page with a dark background and light text, but after getting feedback from classmates, they didn’t find it to be an issue.

I also decided to remove the widget that connected to my about.me page because as I added more information to that page, and it was included on the WordPress page, it looked much too crowded and wordy.

Finally, I reviewed each of my posts, taking into consideration what we discussed in class about a “good” post, to see how to make them more readable. I added more bolding, underlining and bulleting to help delineate the different topics and points. I hope it helps.


As for my about.me page, I adjusted it somewhat to include more work-related information (including more experience and skill-related information) and included icon links for Twitter, WordPress and Pinterest and some tags to help better identity me.  I darkened the transparency level of the box, as it was a bit hard to read the text with the photo showing through, and added some bolded text, again to help with delineating parts of the page.



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